Are you ready to create more fulfilling relationships,
better health and more abundance in all areas of your life?

Have you noticed that some things in your life just carry on without needing too much attention, while other parts just come up again and again, and you feel stuck, helpless, discouraged, annoyed and frustrated and can’t quite figure out how to find your way out of this seemingly endless repetition of things you don’t want in your life?

Do you have dreams and ideas hidden away, embarrassed to share and unsure if you should pursue them because you could fail?

Are you feeling unproductive at work or at home and are seemingly disorganized, scattered and lethargic?

Lots of things come up in your daily experience that have the potential to stand in your way of living your life fully and enjoying it!

One of the most powerful tools to creating a shift in your life is your ability to alter and expand your perspective. Your perspective is informed by your upbringing, society and friends or in short, by your beliefs that you hold about the world. These beliefs color everything you experience and what you express and share with the world.

In order to shift something, a new perspective is needed. The challenge is “how.”  As Einstein said: “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

This is precisely the reason you look to others or nature to offer you support: time outside, conversations, books, workshops and therapy are all holding the potential to change your perspective and offer you an “aha!” The insight from an “aha” opens the door to a new possibility and you are in that moment free to step through.

One of my gifts is the ability to offer you new perspectives in all areas of your life.
How would your life be different if you could:
• Look at your life issues in a new way and thereby integrate and dissolve them?
• Re-invigorate your dreams and take actions to make them a reality?
• Feel empowered and seen for who you really are?
• Feel productive and at ease in your home and work environment?
• Have a new road map to connect you to all areas in life, allowing you to build a strong foundation from which to move forward?

In my work with you, I invite you to consciously re-connect with your heart as your own personal guide for your exploration and expansion of life. Trusting this inner guidance brings more clarity and focus into your day-to-day decision-making, supporting you in aligning yourself more and more with the truth of who you are. By taking responsibility for everything that shows up in your life, you regain your mastery.

As you move through this process in your own unique, beautiful way, you will notice that acceptance and gratitude allow you to expand into in a more spacious experience of life. In that place, you naturally move back into balance more often. When you are in balance, you experience freedom, peace and joy.

I am grateful and excited that our paths have connected. When you look through the website, notice where your attention is guiding you. What do you want to have more of in your life? What arouses your curiosity? Where do you feel joyful, loving expansion? You have your own journey and I honor its uniqueness by offering you a number of different experiences, tools and classes.

My intention is to assist you as a coach, healer and teacher on your journey to an ever more authentic, soul-based life, so that you can claim true joy, clarity and meaningful connection with others as well as experience peace more often and for longer periods.

May you feel in every moment the love and the blessing that you are!


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