Are you spending lots of time at work spinning your wheels, frustrated and unable to complete your tasks within a certain time frame?

Do you want to have more time to relax, have fun and do what you really want to do?


The Challenge

Maybe you don’t feel as effective and efficient at work, because deep down you know you could be more productive. And as a result, you feel unhappy, frustrated and stressed. This spills over into your personal life, and the stress doubles: there’s not enough time to spend with your loved ones, your interests or have plain old downtime. The simple truth is that nobody has shown you how to set up your workspace and home for maximum productivity and harmony.

I am guessing that you have a dream about your work, your family, and about your contribution to life. Your dream is much bigger than what you’re currently experiencing. You know deep inside that there’s something else you want to bring forward, and even though the what and how is still evolving, you’re committed to make it happen.

You want to be heard, recognized and respected for bringing your unique vision into reality and in the process want to significantly improve your health, relationships and income.

Why I do what I do

 My name is Amara and I know all about that.

I never even considered that my home or work environment could affect me on a subconscious level and influence how I felt with the choices I made. I clearly remember a time in my life when I was feeling very angry and overwhelmed. I was tired and impatient with my kids and couldn’t really be present for them. I was blaming others for the challenges I was experiencing and felt hard done by. I was confused about what avenue to pursue in my work. I was newly divorced, and it affected every aspect of my life.

I took a leap of faith and studied Feng Shui and Energy Clearing. Applying the practices and principles into every day life turned everything around for me:

  • I have created wonderful, nourishing relationships in my life.
  • My finances stabilized and have allowed me to study and travel all over the world.
  • From feeling my life constricting and shrinking, I moved into having endless doors open up.

Why Mindset and Strategies are not enough

So, you may be in a situation like this, in your work, personal life or both, where you do not feel in alignment with yourself and/or your environment.

It may be helpful to know that you’re not only affected by what you can see, but also underlying energetic patterns. You may not see them, but will feel them and react and behave accordingly. Your behavior, your inability to get things done, to be efficient and productive and to get a good night’s sleep may have nothing to do with your mindset or your strategies.

This means you need to take into account BOTH yourself and the environment to create effective and lasting change. Addressing only one aspect is not going to make it last and that is why so many plans and intentions fall flat after a short time.

 My Role

I’m here to support you in moving forward on this exciting journey, to help create a physical environment that enables you to not only be productive, but able to recharge your batteries as well. I help you clarify and step into your vision, and identify and remove some of the obstacles that currently seem overwhelming and are holding you back.

I have 18 years of experience as a Feng Shui and Energy Clearing expert and I’m a Master teacher for The Art of Feminine Presence®. My approach is practical, and everything I teach and communicate to you can be integrated into your life with ease… step-by-step. All of my work can be done either in person or long distance via phone or Skype.


I’m looking for women who are ready to step up their game and commit to opening up to new perspectives, insights and possibilities for themselves. If you’re that woman, let’s talk so that you can move forward without further costly and timely delays. I found that my deepest growth takes place when I’m committed, open to being supported and when I follow through in my actions, without looking for quick fixes. That’s the space where miracles show up!

If you’re ready to get started, your first step is to click on the button on the right to book a complimentary session with me, during which I’ll give you a taste how quickly you can make a shift into more productivity and harmony in your life.

I’m looking forward to connect with you!

With love


P.S. If you like to know more about me, here are some Fun Facts:

  • One of my secret pleasures is reading mystery novels.
  • I love traveling and going on adventures and am excited about all there’s yet to explore! My dream is to be able to stay for longer periods in a country and submerse myself into its culture.
  • My heart opens when I witness beauty: be it in another person (inside and out), nature, art and sometimes just the magical moments when I’m conscious of how wonderful life can be when I’m not interfering with the flow.
  • I love writing and creating art from the inside, allowing what arises in me to be expressed on paper or canvas. Sometimes it turns into a big production – going on for a long time without much to show for and I love it, nonetheless.
  • I can be quite goofy… mostly with the people close to me.



View More: Hamilton is the go-to expert in Energy Clearing and Feng Shui, as well as the go-to coach and workshop facilitator for amazing, talented and spiritually minded women ready to move to the next level in their lives.

Whether it is helping clients create productive workspaces and harmonious home environments or supporting them in a real and practical way to create the relationships, impact and income they desire and deserve, she’s the real deal.

Amara has 18 years of experience as a Feng Shui and Energy Clearing expert and is a certified Master teacher for The Art of Feminine Presence. She has worked her magic in Canada, the US and Europe. As a change maker, she has led workshops in Feng Shui, Wise Woman’s Compass™ and The Art of Feminine Presence for women of all ages who are ready to create a more empowered and inspired life for themselves.

Her clients have increased their business income or started new careers within a couple of months. They feel more confident sharing their gifts and talents, improved their family relationships, and have a better handle on how to positively navigate everyday challenges so that there is much less stress in their lives and – sometimes, a new life partner has shown up “out of the blue”!

From traveling all over the world to explore sacred sites and honing her skills in a variety of learning environments, to facilitating workshops for women who are ready to step up their game, Amara loves the challenge of mixing business with passion (and fun!).

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