Art of Alignment™

Art of Alignment
A Woman’s Guide to Stepping into her Dream and Leaving a Personal Legacy

The word Dreams on wooden table on natural backgroundAre you ready to take one of your dreams and make it a reality?

What in life have you not yet done, that you want to be remembered for?

Sometimes, when we talk about a personal legacy, it may be understood as a big undertaking, something that makes the cause or us well known. However, nothing is further from the truth.

Creating a personal legacy means consciously connecting with something that allows you to feel fulfilled every day and creates a ripple of positivity around you.

This can mean deep family connections, a circle of friends, expressing your wisdom and knowing through creative arts, teaching, contributing time and effort to community events, supporting a cause, caring for animals and nature. The list is endless.

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What is your dream, your legacy?
Do you know it already or are you in the process of defining it?
Are you putting it into action or do you feel stuck, overwhelmed and are putting it off “until the time is right”?



You may be a woman who

  1. Is working in a downtown job and feels burned out and tired and wants to connect more deeply into your sense of making a difference and contribution. You are unsure of how to connect to your dreams, how to express yourself in a way that you are seen and heard and valued for the contribution you are making.
  2. Is going through a major life change (relationship, kids leaving home) and is unsure about your next best step. You want to take care of your boundaries so that you can be there for others in a more fulfilling role. You want to be valued and appreciated, emotionally and financially.
  3. Feels that your life is pretty good, but notice the inner niggle of wanting a deeper level of personal fulfillment and joy. You feel how you are showing up in life is not an expression of who you really are and feel unsure of how to connect to your deepest dreams and bring them into reality.


This is not your average personal growth course that a lot of coaches offer.

Regarding their personal legacy, most people are stuck in the past or in the future. I work with both types to help you bring your legacy into a present reality.

Here is what you will experience in the program:

  • Learn how to make conscious decisions that are in alignment with your personal vision and take the actions steps to make it a reality.
  • Reduce internal and environmental stress patterns and create a supportive energetic and physical environment
  • Increase your clarity and create a road map for your dream. Understand what is important and what is a distraction and how to move forward despite your fear.
  • Develop a grounded presence that allows you to be seen and heard and create the impact you want, so that you are seen as a leader in your family and community.
  • Know how to best take care of yourself, so that you sleep better, increase your energy and are more productive.


Art of Alignment


How is this program different than others?

  • A holistic approach: works with body, mind and spirit as well as your physical and energetic environment to allow deep, lasting transformation
  • Comprehensive strategies/solutions, not a quick fix
  • Practical applications into your everyday life
  • A body centered approach
  • Adjusted content to support you with your personal challenges
  • Personal attention and support


This is a powerful 5-month training during which we will meet
every 2 weeks – just you and me.

I am with you every step of the way.

Here is what you get:

  • 10 one–on–one 60 min sessions (on the phone or Skype)
  • An energetic assessment and alignment session of your home environment (in person or on Skype) 3 hours total
  • Weekly email support

My promise to you:

  • You will create an alignment between your body, mind, spirit and physical environment, allowing you to have more presence and clarity, so you don’t have to push so hard to make things happen.
  • You will be able to take better care of yourself and move more confidently through your fears and stop the push-pull dynamic that sabotages you showing up as a leader in your family, community and at work.
  • You will learn how to increase your productivity to become more efficient, effective and organized, so that you can reduce your stress level and have the time and energy to bring your personal legacy into reality.

Living your dream - happiness concept - isolated phrase in vintage letterpress wood type

This is for women who

  • Are committed to their own personal growth and know that this is a long term journey
  • Are action takers and take responsibility for the life they are creating
  • Want to impact their family, community, work and be seen as a leader
  • Want to know how to move forward even when fear comes up
  • Feel stuck and are ready to move beyond their perceived limitations
  • Want to be magnetic and attract the attention personally and professionally that they desire.
  • Want to live and work in a harmonious, energetically supportive environment

This is not for women who

  • Are looking for someone else to do the work for them
  • Want a quick fix
  • Believe that other people and circumstances are responsible for what is going on in their lives
  • Think that energy work is “woo, woo”


I have learned in my own life that I can’t do it alone – even with my best intentions.

Real shift have only happened over time with the guidance and support of coaches and mentors. I cannot get out of my own perspective without someone else being able to see and hold that possibility for me.

Is that true for you as well?

3d render of an opened door to a dream day

Let’s explore together how I can support you in bringing your dream, your legacy into reality.

No more waiting, no more postponing!

I would love to have a conversation with you soon.


If you are serious about making your dream a reality, no matter how big or small, book your free 30 min Discovery Session here.

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