Personal Energy Clearing

Personal Energy Clearing

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What are you longing for right now?

A restful sleep?
Less stress and overwhelm?
More space and opportunity to do what you really want?

Sometimes I go through phases of overwhelm where everything just feels too much.
You know those times when your neck and shoulders are tight, your sleep is interrupted, and you don’t have enough time to do what you really want to do. Everything screams for attention RIGHT NOW!
Does that sound familiar to you?

How do you manage those periods?

No matter where you are right now,

Here is my Invitation :

What would happen if you could let go of what is not serving you? Of attachments that hold you back? What would your life look like?
I want you to re-discover what it feels like to SOAR!

SOAR stands for:

S top
O pen
A llow, and accept
R ealign and relax

If you are ready and committed to creating a shift in your life,

Here’s how you can work with me:

Sign up for a free 30 min discovery session or send me an email at, so we can explore what you are looking for and see if we are fit to work together.

In my experience, there is not much point in having a single session in order to create lasting change. Yes, you will feel some relief, but in order to experience a real shift, I recommend that you have at least 4 sessions after our initial session.

Initial Session on Zoom (45 min)   $125

After our discovery session, we’ll have an initial session to set the stage for your desired outcomes and start the clearing process.

 Follow-up Sessions

a) In person:

For the follow-up sessions we meet on Zoom for 30 minutes, and you decide if you want to meet 2x week, 1x week or every 2 weeks.

4x 30 min follow-up: $ 240

1x 30 min follow-up: $75

b) Remote:

4 sessions:   $120

8 sessions:  $ 200

Let’s get you soaring!


My Story
I learned about Personal Energy Clearing more than 20 years ago and – honestly – have not looked back. I was very much caught up in my stories and definitely felt often like a martyr and hard done by. Personal Energy Clearing helped me significantly lighten my emotional load and cut many of the attachments that had held me back. It’s allowed me to shift my relationships, start my own successful business and feel happy and peaceful most of the time. I’m always astonished how many choices I now notice for every challenging situation and how much more courage I have to move forward into new territory.

Why is Personal Energy Clearing important?
Life is easier when you can be in the flow of it. While you can’t control the challenges it offers, you can control how you react to them. The less emotional baggage you carry, the more you can choose how to react in any given situation. You know what it feels like to be triggered and react automatically without thought – often we’ve some regrets and play it over and over in our mind, wishing we’d come up with a different response.

The Intent of Personal Clearing is to:

  • Lighten your emotional baggage and release attachments that keep you stuck.
  • Notice different perspectives, a greater horizon, more possibilities and move away from the same old and boring.
  • Make new and different choices that are more supportive of where you want to go.
  • Sleep better and feel more energized.
  • Feel more in control of your life, by taking responsibility and acting on your intentional choices.
  • Be more flexible.
  • See more opportunities.
  • Exude more presence and have more impact on your career and finances.
  • Improve health and deepen your relationships.

Sometimes it is helpful to have a visual to understand a concept. Below, I am borrowing the idea of the hot air balloon from one of my teachers, Eric Dowsett.


The Hot Air Balloon

air balloon

Imagine yourself as a child, standing in the basket of a hot air balloon, floating up into the sky, seeing faraway places and feeling free to check out what looks interesting.

Over time, you become socialized within your family and society and you begin to feel restrictions: ‘yes’ and ‘no’; ‘this is appropriate, this is not’. You create belief patterns about how your world operates and how you need to be and act in order to feel safe and get maximum love and attention.

The balloon begins to get weighted down by these beliefs and patterns and starts to sink, and becoming less able to maneuver, offering less of a view.

In addition, attachments form as well: attachments to people, places, ideas and stories. You can imagine them as the tether ropes, holding the balloon to the ground. You may be standing in the basket of the balloon, looking up and around, wondering why you are stuck in the same place and being totally unaware of the accumulated weight and ropes that create your specific situation.

In your mind you see yourself soaring and then become frustrated that the real landscape is not changing. You feel stuck and tied down. You’re tired and overwhelmed. You are judgmental, especially with yourself, or may just go over to the dark side and get lost in self-pity. Very stressful.

Usually, you get to a point where you say: I had enough, something needs to change. This may be triggered by a major life crisis regarding your health, relationships, finances or career. Sometimes you may catch yourself before any major challenge occurs, which is always my preference.

This is an important watershed as it propels you into looking for solutions, for different ways of doing life. You become aware and start exploring on how you can be more intentional. This opens the door to experience life in a whole new way.

Take a moment to check in with yourself and notice where you are on this journey…

At the stage of feeling stuck?buddha red and yellow

In the phase of wanting to explore?



If you are serious and committed to your shifting your life journey, email me or sign up for a complimentary session during which we can explore your challenge and see if this work is a fit for you.

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