Space Clearing

Space Clearing

Space clearing

Have you ever walked into a place and wanted to immediately leave because it didn’t feel good?

Do you know of businesses, like restaurants, that turn over every year or two?

Your physical environment is a collection of energy patterns and even though they may not be visible to the eye, you can feel them. Your body registers the information and all of a sudden you may feel stressed, distracted or tired. Most of the time you’re not aware that it could have anything to do with the space, so you blame circumstances, other people and yourself for what’s going on with you.

Some businesses carry bankruptcy energy and the good intentions of a new owner are often not enough to overcome them. Some homes carry divorce energy and the couple who just moved in, begins noticing that there’s more disharmony. For yourself, you may find it difficult to have a restful sleep or face a seemingly never-ending battle with clutter.

Spaces have a personality, just like we do.

Some of these personalities cause you more stress than others, depending on your own personal beliefs and patterns.

Space Clearing is all about recognizing these patterns and their interaction, allowing them to come into a new balance. Less stress from your environment means that you can be more focused, clear and relaxed in everyday life.


Here is how you can work with me:

Sign up for a free discovery session or send me an email at, so we can explore what you are looking for and see if we are fit to work together.

Pricing depends on size of office/business or home.

For a home office, I recommend to clear the whole home.  For both office and home, I will add in some practical Feng Shui principles to ensure that you can move forward in your desired direction with more efficiency and ease.

I will need a floor plan of the space (can be hand drawn) with the main furniture, doors and windows. I do some clearing on my own and then meet with you on Zoom to move with you through the space. You will have an experience of how different energetic patterns affect you and how they shift after a clearing.

The session includes 1 follow-up call of up to 30 min. duration.

Refresh Session:

It is supportive to clear your home and office/business regularly to maintain and create a high level of efficiency and ease of living.

I will let you know the pricing of a “Refresh Session” once we completed the initial space clearing as there are lots of variables that come into play.


What are some of the common energetic patterns?

 Some of the energetic information originates from the earth itself. The earth discharges its own energy through positive and negative magnetic fields. Some of these fields may affect you and, like the presence of fault lines, cause stress and tension. Radiation, in some cases due to the crossing of underground water streams, may create challenges to staying focused and can be responsible for health issues.

You also leave emotional imprints, particularly when you express strong feelings. This means, for example, that the space in front of your kitchen sink may be filled with feelings like frustration, anger, sadness etc and every time you stand there, you may connect with these feelings. Your imprints remain in the space, even if you renovate, paint or put new carpet in.

You’re also exposed to electromagnetic radiation as a result of modern technology. This may come from outside power lines, cell phones, computers and microwaves. This type of radiation can affect your physical health and may show up initially as lower levels of energy and concentration.


The Clearing Process

As you can see, these various energetic patterns can have a powerful influence on your life. Space Clearing  supports you in shifting these underlying energy patterns and allows you to detach from them, so that you can experience more freedom how you want to move forward with your life.

Basically, Clearing follows a 3-step process:

    1. Awareness of the pattern
    2.  Non-judgment towards the pattern. It’s very difficult to move past your own preferences and blind spots and stay objective within your own home or business. For best results, you need the support of a professional like me who can hold that non-judgmental space for you.
    3. Setting clear intentions

Once your space has been cleared, you will find it easier to implement your personal intentions, sell a home or business or if you are moving into a new space, clean up patterns from previous residents so you can add your own energetic imprints. It is recommended that you regularly refresh the clearing to support yourself in ongoing up-leveling in your life. This of course depends on the overall circumstances and findings, but 1-2 times per year for your home and 3-4 per year for your work are good general guidelines.

                   Energy Clearing is offered in person or long-distance, usually via Zoom.

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