The Art of Feminine Presence™

The Art of Feminine Presence™

 Do you want to feel feminine, empowered and appreciated as you share your gifts?

Do you want to be a confident, influential leader who is being paid for her worth?

Do you want relationships that are fulfilling and alive?

Art of Feminine Presence


In working with many women, I’ve found a number of common problems we face in order to create the life we truly want.


 Do any of these challenges sound familiar?
• You may be in a relationship, but have lost the sparkle and passion you’d really love to experience You don’t know how to get past the routine and busyness of daily life.
• You may be single and ready to attract an amazing partner who’s present, powerful and masculine. But  you feel that every time you meet someone with potential you become shy and hold back.
• You want to move forward with greater influence and income, but may feel you’ve hit a glass ceiling in your work.  You feel anxious, unsure and somewhat resigned in your interviews and presentations.
• You’d love to feel comfortable going to parties and work events, but when you arrive, you feel shy, invisible and uninteresting.
• You may have done a lot of spiritual work, but the embodiment and practical reality is not happening. Life is not becoming easier and more functional. 

The Art of Feminine Presence™ is a body of work that supports you to:

1) Increase your magnetism and presence to help you attract the attention 906641_10152636460459367_2536524285651998825_oyou  want without struggle.

2) Feel confident in any situation no matter who’s in the room with you or where you are.

3) Be perceived as a leader in your family, at work and in your community, allowing you to have the impact and income you desire and deserve.

There have been so many changes in me and in my life since starting this work. I had not realized how much of my life I was spending in “neutral.” Growing up in a culture that did not value femininity, much of my joy, confidence and radiance were forced “underground.”

When I started to incorporate the practices into my life, I noticed many profound changes. I feel more comfortable in my own skin, which allows me to be able to speak in front of others and I also feel much more relaxed in new environments. People are approaching me and are sharing their appreciation with me. In my relationships with others I’m present to listen and speak from my heart. Walking down the street, I find myself enjoying life and smiles come much more easily.

What’s it about?

P1050931This work is very practical. This isn’t about talking, but about teaching you powerful body-centered practices. It’s about showing you how to connect with your feminine essence and your unique expression of it. It’s about creating community with other women and offering and receiving presence and appreciation.

I am a certified level 2 teacher in the Art of Feminine Presence™. I offer regular classes to teach you these practices for everyday life application. Usually we work in small groups of up to 8 women, so that you can have personal attention as well as create relationships with other conscious, caring women.

Come and join us!

If this sounds intriguing and you want to find out more, email me or sign up for  a complimentary session during which we can explore your challenge and see if this work is a fit for you. Let’s get you started on your journey to more presence and empowerment!


P.S. This work is based on the book Powerful and Feminine by Rachael Jayne Groover. She offers workshops and Teacher Trainings all over the world.

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