Spiritual Guidance & Coaching

You are a Spiritual Being, limited in your full expression by living in a physical body and a three-dimensional world. The limitations you face are unique in their combination and appearance and may show up as challenges in your physical, emotional, mental or spiritual life.

Spiritual Coaching is designed to assist you in navigating these challenges. My approach is non-denominational and non-dogmatic. I offer you a greater framework in which you are free to re-connect with your Divinity through your own experience. The coaching process provides you with experiences, practices and re-frames that re-connect you with your soul –based, authentic self, letting you understand the truth of who you are, why you are here and how to live a purposeful and meaningful life.

In my one-on-one Counseling sessions you will:

• Learn to trust your inner guidance more deeply
• Discover your own truth and how to express it safely,
• Develop clarity,
• Make decisions that are aligned with your truth and therefore authentic,
• Create nourishing environments

As you expand your ability to be aware and present, you become more adept at accepting, loving and nourishing yourself. This allows you to approach everything from a place of fullness rather than lack. You can share your gifts freely without depleting yourself. Balance and harmony become real life experiences rather than representing elusive concepts. Balance brings you peace and peace brings you joy. My personal joy and commitment is to assist you on your unique journey and empower you to discover new perspectives in order to create a meaningful, authentic life filled with an abundance of true peace, love and joy!

A Spiritual Guidance and Coaching sessions is 60 minutes long.
1 session $95
4 sessions $ 350
6 sessions $ 520

Spiritual Coaching can be done in person or over the phone.