Keeping Overwhelm at Bay!

people meditatingLiving through the experience of the Calgary Flood last week was overwhelming and heart wrenching. While amazing support and resources were mobilized quickly to support those affected by the flood, it is clear that this will be a long-term challenge for everyone involved.

When we are in a state of stress and overwhelm, our natural reaction is to pull in our energy field and bring it close to our physical body. This moves our attention away from our lower energetic centers and our heart up into our head. We become disconnected from the wisdom and intuitive sense of our body and the energetic support we receive from the earth.

When the attention focuses on our heads, we energize our minds. Usually our thoughts are hyperactive at the best of times, but under stress they tend to rev up even more, pulling us into a pattern where worry and doubt are at the forefront, leaving little opportunity to see things from a different perspective and stifling our creativity as well as our courage. We see doors closing instead of opening which in turn increases the experience of stress and overwhelm.

It can be challenging to get yourself out of this type of downward spiral. While other people may offer support in various ways, in the end you still have to manage the stress on your own. I invite you to create regular breaks for yourself with the intention to create some quiet time and an opportunity to re-direct your thought patterns and re-connect with your physical body. One way of doing this is through visualizations.

Here is one for you to try:

“Stand or sit with your feet touching the ground. Close your eyes and take several deep, relaxing breaths. Notice your physical body as you are breathing.

Begin to focus on your feet. Feel beautiful, golden roots extending from the center of your feet down into the earth. Feel the receptiveness of the earth as it is welcoming the roots into herself. You notice the large roots dividing into smaller ones until there is a whole network of roots expanding beneath you.

Become aware of a soft, loving feminine energy moving up through these roots into your physical body, through the center of your feet, up your calves and thighs into your pelvis. Focus your attention on a place right in the center of your pelvis. We have a natural energy center there about an inch inside the belly button and 3 inches down: some people call it the Dantien or Hara, women may call it their womb space. Allow the energy to collect there. Feel that space filling with a sense of power and connection and support. Once that space feels full, let the energy move upward to your heart and fill your heart space with this, gentle, loving vibration. At the same time maintain the flow from the earth into the center of your pelvis.

Feel your heart opening and being receptive to this flow of energy.

Now focus your attention on the top of your head, your Crown Chakra and feel it opening up to receive energy from above you. This energy is more directional and masculine in its flavor and connected to the image of Heaven or the Universe. Allow it to enter your head and gently flow down to your heart.

Invite the energies from the Earth and Heaven to merge in your heart and expanding it even further. Notice that you can radiate out a beautiful, loving golden light from the center of your pelvis, from your heart and your crown Chakra at the same time. This light fills your whole body and then starts expanding slowly past your physical body to a distance of 3-5 feet away. See yourself enveloped in a huge bubble of loving golden light. Breathe deeply.

Relax and feel the support the golden light offers. Your heart is opening and you feel the connection to your wisdom and creative centers. New perspectives open up. Allow yourself to stay here until you notice that an inner stabilization has occurred and you are feeling expansive and free.

Slowly bring yourself back, attempting to stay as expanded as you can for as long as possible.”

So, just like an adult is asked to put on the oxygen mask first in a plane, take care of yourself first in times of stress! Repeat this visualization often, until you can create that feeling of being centered and grounded just by bringing the exercise to your consciousness.

Wishing you many moments of peace in the uproar and upheaval of life!

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