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“After the house clearing with Amara, I felt more relaxed in my home overall, and became more focused and productive in my office space. I have an awareness now of how the energetic spaces in my home can either support me or get in my way, and am grateful for Amara’s skill, understanding and experience.”
Sabrina Roblin
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“I was deeply wounded in childhood and early adulthood – the kind of stuff that people rarely fully recover from – and I have done a lot of work to try to heal. I tried several modalities, teachers, religions, types of therapy, and many alternative approaches. Most of what I tried helped a little bit, but the work with Amara was something completely different. Amara masterfully helped me get to the root of the issues and then she intuitively, energetically and directly helped me untangle things. She is a ninja, a stealthy assassinator of shadows – (you know, the things that lurk around in your subconscious that you sometimes are completely unaware of)? Amara is tuned in and has a full toolbox ready to deploy. My results, the healing that I have experienced is a full-on miracle. I’m over joyed – and frankly a little shocked – to report that those ‘life-long’ wounds are so quickly and painlessly healed, like they never existed!! I am SO grateful to Amara and would readily recommend her to anyone who is ready to heal and significantly up-level their life!”

Jennifer Jones
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“I have worked with Amara several times, and she is the most amazing energy clearing force I have ever experienced. She senses what your needs are in an inquisitive and just perfect way.
Apart from offering a sounding board and reflection to what the needs at the moment are, she brings change and shifts to the next level of transformation.
She is loving, caring and committed to discovering roadblocks and seed the next steps for an individualized and strong plan moving forward.

Some of the benefits I have experienced from working with Amara are: crystal clear clarity on goals and how to achieve them, spiritual/emotional/mental and physical empowerment, clearing of negative energy in the place where I live as well as in my body, heart and soul. It amazes me how much you can feel energy even through Zoom and phone calls and how much more convenient that is. Thank you so much Amara!”

Ana Nieto
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“Working with Amara is like a deep breath of fresh air. Her expertise and presence helped me turn my mess and stuckness into clarity and inspiration to move forward with. I highly recommend her service to anyone wanting to benefit from more flow and abundance in home, heart and business. I’m very grateful to Amara for helping me arrange my living space into a home I feel comfortable in and where I can easily create and rest when needed. Give her a call, I know you’ll love it!!”

Nicole Fortin, Acupuncturist and Emotional Wisdom Training Specialist
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“June 7, 2021

12 years ago, I moved back into my parents’ home to take care of my mother.  After living in the home for 10 years after her death, I decided I would move into the master bedroom.  The energy of the past was still hanging around so it felt weird and a little scary to be in there.  

I created a home office, too, but was having trouble focusing and getting my work done. I was procrastinating a lot, working only short periods of time then just watching TV.

I contacted Amara Hamilton to do a clearing in my house.  She asked for a floor plan and we set a call to do it all over Zoom.  Our meeting was about 2 hours, walking through the house with Amara clearing and me testing the energy. 

At the end of our meeting, I felt pretty good. The house felt better, lighter.  My new master bedroom felt calm, clear and joyous.  However, after a day or two, I realized that things just kept getting better.  I no longer feel the heaviness in the house or in my body when I go to work. 

In fact, I can focus and complete my tasks.  I can’t tell you how amazing this shift in energy has felt for me.  I no longer have past, unhappy energy in the house, I feel more creative, I have less procrastination, and I feel focused and productive.  My house, heart and body feel so much lighter now.  My house is now my home.  I am so grateful to you, Amara, for what you have done for me!”

Dr. Elaine Stewart