IMG_2376I am so grateful to have met Amara and to have her teach me this beautiful and transformative practice of The Art of Feminine Presence.

Learning the different techniques of this beautiful practice has truly changed my life!  My relationship with myself, my body and with my husband has only deepened and become much more meaningful.  I’ve become a very confident woman that I don’t even recognize.  I’ve healed tough relationships with family and friends, gaining my power back!

Amara has a very gentle, kind and loving approach that makes you feel at home and safe instantly!  My life is only fuller having Amara in my life!  Thank you Amara!  My heart is full!

Gillian White

Viola-2012-med-transparent-2I do a lot of analytical work and I tend to “ive” in my head most of the time, thinking, thinking….thoughts flying all over….AFP helps me focus, feel grounded and gives me a sense of calm and peace, not to mention the awesome benefit of a deep sleep right after a session. AFP also has a progressive effect, the more I do the practices the easier and faster remember to apply them in various situations, not just personal but business too. Working with Amara is such a pleasure. She really knows how to guide us and make everybody feel comfortable. Thank you Amara. 

Viola Olah (Hutchinson)

“I released fear and old emotional heart blockages that have enabled me to become more secure in my life and partner relationships.”  Jennifer Sifert, Calgary

 “Learning and practising the meditation has been life changing!”    Madonna MacInnis, Calgary

“Feeling more empowered, embodied and beautiful!”        Terry Petersen, Calgary

 “First I noticed that I am more grounded and in my body. This is something I have had to work very hard at. These practices make it very easy. Just with this contrast, I feel better, more focused, more connected.  The other big difference for me is greater ease of really being with people. I have more self confidence. I trust myself to show up fully. I see friends and strangers both responding with greater interest and appreciation (or am I receiving it better?) Either way, a nice contrast!”
Cynthia Adams, Boston

“After 30 years in the healing arts industry, I can honestly say that these practices are some of the most simple, yet profound I have ever done. They have awakened a dormant strength, genuineness and joy. Since starting this work, I feel more grounded and focused.  My friends have commented that I exude more confidence and I find I am naturally attracting positive attention both personally and professionally. But best of all, the work feels so good. It is like coming home to the essence my soul has been longing for.”                Marlene Zalesnick, Boulder

I noticed that things were taking a long time, and was never feeling like things would really ever get completed.  I felt my husband was in the same situation, that whenever I would assign things to him in our business it would take a long time for completion. 

When we adjusted our offices with Amara’s instructions, our productivity went up, and we felt more calm.  We now feel like our home is our sanctuary. We had been trying to find a web and tech person for a year with no luck, and when Datta had a clearing session we found someone awesome the next day.

Amara helped us find and clear our new office space that feels great, fun, and productive to work in.

Initially, I had reservations about this working for me and helping me in my business and personally. But then I saw changes immediately and now I am working with her consistently in my office and home to keep my business growing efficiently and make the most of my downtime.

Amara is an extremely intuitive woman and knows how to clear away the things that are holding you back, in any area of your life.”

Rachael Jayne Groover, Fort Collins
Creator of Art of Feminine Presence

“Earlier this year we had a long distance Feng Shui clearing of our home in the UK with Amara whilst we were in USA. It was amazing to feel things changing even though we were nearly 5000 miles away. All of the issues that Amara picked up on where spot on. But of course the proof was in the coming home!  And yes the areas that we worked with felt tangibly different and our lives are different because of this and also by putting into practice her suggestions and insights on how to change our home around – it has made an energetic transformation in many areas of our lives. Amara has a real gift and I could not recommend her more highly.”
Pete Warnock and Kalindi Jordan, UK

“I first met Amara a few years ago when I was having some difficulty selling my home. I expressed my concern to a colleague who knew Amara and she recommended her to me. Amara cleared and changed the energy in my home and the next day my realtor sold it. Amara also changed the energy in my new home, which has been wonderful.  Recently, I asked Amara to help me in the same way at my business, a graphic design office. Everything in the office environment is better, open and lighter, as well as the attitudes of staff, my business partner and myself. I have also noticed an increase in sales, which Amara helped me with as well. I know that these positive results will continue to grow. I would highly recommend Amara to anyone!!”
Bonnie. O’Neill, Calgary

“Amara offers a wonderful combination of practical and spiritual in her service. She shares with great clarity the concepts of Feng Shui and the energetic effect that modern conveniences like microwaves, electrical products and cell phones have in our homes and in our bodies.  After she came to our 50 year old bungalow, we noticed a much more tranquil environment, and though not much changed on the surface, we had a lot of visitors commenting on how much they love our little house.  We also had some breakthroughs in our personal lives in areas that were previously challenging. It’s amazing what a couple of hours well spent can do for you!”
Fran Watson, Calgary

“After living in my house for a year and finding that I was unable to produce any work, Amara came to my house and cleared my home and work area and also did a personal clearing. I had several personal insights that helped me break the barrier that had prevented me from getting back into my work. As well, my work area now seems a lot lighter and makes me feel like I want to be there every day.”
Yvonne Scott, Calgary

“The wise women’s course is a gift one gives themselves – time & tools to reflect on the many different areas of life and pull it all into perspective with a higher level of awareness. I left this course with a road map for moving forward into my life. This course is truly innovative and, importantly,  big results. While each class was gentle, interesting, enjoyable and directed seamlessly by a truly gifted coordinator, it was only after we completed that it was evident what major leaps in our lives we had all taken. Thank you Amara for an amazing gift.”                                    Carollyne Coulson, Calgary

 “I am much more aware of what is going on inside and the changes in myself and areas surrounding me. People are reacting differently towards me. I am noticing more – definitely an increase in awareness.”                                          Lauretta Carrick, Calgary

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