Do you ever get bored?

How do you know you are?

Boredom can appear in many guises.

Sometimes it’s the same old thoughts chasing around your head. They are firmly entrenched and attached to your personality, Therefore it can seem natural to keep giving them voice, to keep ruminating, even though you have proven to yourself many times over that these behaviors by themselves will not change a thing about whatever you are fixated on or complaining about.

You can be bored by repetitive activities, cooking, doing the laundry, a particular exercise routine … the list is endless.

You may feel boring to yourself and others, when the same old patterns are being played out: repetitive jokes and activities, predictable responses and the overused and non-committal I don’t know answer.


There is no life juice running inside you when you are bored.

No clarity.

No passion.

No sense of freedom.

Boredom is a state of disconnection.

You are not in your body.

You are floating somewhere outside your head, reactive to your environment from a place of the past, where you made choices that now seem stale and stagnant.

When you are in that state of being, it’s an easy place to slip into the doom and gloom of poor me and thoughts of life is passing me by.

Just writing this, I notice what treacherous and slippery slope this can put me on.

Change is our natural state of being: evolution is part of our DNA. Sometimes it’s welcomed, and we are in the flow, sometimes we are in resistance and fight it, and sometimes we forget that our life force is intricately connected to it.

So if you are feeling blah about anything, it’s time to freshen life up a bit. Pull up your socks, straighten your shirt or dress and put yourself back into your body. Forgive yourself for dropping out temporarily and know that making conscious choices is your best friend in connecting to your yumminess and life juice. So, how to go come back into that place of choice?

The answer is simple: Embodiment!

You can take a few full breaths and relax deeply into your body. Feeling your feet on the floor, your body supported by your chair, you can then inquire from this grounded place: Given that this is something that bores me, how can I bring more life to it today?

This may result in:

  1. Shifting your thoughts: What would someone else’s perspective be? What would they do ?
  2. Changing the task: How can I bring color to it? Playfulness? Sound? Touch? Humor? Other people?
  3. Adjusting the sequence: if it’s part of a routine, experiment with a different order.

Come back into your body and notice if your task, thought or desire is still relevant. If so, how can you be more curious about it? Embodied curiosity is the game changer here!

Step by step your curiosity has the power to propel you forward into you unique unpredictable and ever expansive future.

So simple.

Curiosity stops boredom in it’s worn-out tracks!

Now go and explore some new tracks!

If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen.

Amara’s Musings: Creating Spaciousness - Inside and Out

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1 thought on “Boring!!!”

  1. Hi Amara!

    Very insightful. I have to agree, curiosity stops boredom. Usually, when I get bored of my repetitive task, I think of something else (shift thoughts) or I try something new, I try a different pattern or try to discover something else.
    Thanks for sharing!

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