Still Point

So much busyness around us.

So much distraction.

So often it feels like we are carried through life reacting to all the events and challenges as they happen, without much control about the outcome.

Are you longing to get off that hamster wheel?

When you get caught up in your external busyness, you get pulled out of your body. You place your attention on what is going on around you and become reactive. This triggers judgments of right and wrong, good and bad, in your attempt to find solid ground again, to reconnect to a foundation that will hold you and stop that feeling of being at the mercy of what the world presents to you.

When you are in that state, you get depleted quickly: energetically, emotionally and mentally. No wonder the biggest complaint we all hear from people these days is that they are overwhelmed and exhausted.

In order to replenish yourself, you have to reconnect to your body first. Once you are back in your body, you can put your attention on your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual nourishment. It is not by leaving your body that you create spiritual connection, but it happens through your body. If you are running up and down the street, it’s very difficult to have a conversation with Spirit, to choose the food that supports you, to feel the range of emotions you are capable off.

Sometimes people are afraid to approach that inner stillness. They ask themselves: What am I going to find when everything is quiet, and I am only with myself? Is there nothing? Is there too much? Will I experience something that makes me uncomfortable and demands that I change something in my life? Busyness allows and even justifies you not looking. However, when you are outside of your body, you will be always just a spectator in life, not a full participant. The participant has to be willing to sit in it all, right in the center of life.

The beauty is that right there in the center of your being, you can deliberately create a still point. Your own sanctuary.

Close your eyes right now and take a few breaths. Very quickly, you can feel yourself sink into that quiet place right in the center of your pelvis. You notice the busyness of life becoming quieter and slowing down and feel the invitation to sink deeper into the welcome of that energetic center in your body. Just enjoy that for a few moments.

Once you feel that still point, you can add an energetic boundary to it that extends 2-3 feet out past your physical body. That boundary separates your inner world from your outer world. It creates an energetic spaciousness around you. This boundary allows you to stay in your still point when you contemplate what aspects of the outer environment you want to engage in and to what extent. All of a sudden, it’s still and quiet as if the wind has dropped. You are aware of your body, of what it needs to feel nourished and supported, and you are plugged in to receive that nourishment and share it with each cell of your being.

This nourishment can arise from a sense of groundedness, your food, exercise, connection to others and spirit, doing activities you love and many other sources. Being still means that you are actively able to put your attention on your inner knowing of what is needed in the moment, rather than running around frantically trying to find it in the outside world and exhausting yourself in the process.

The still point is inside you.

Spend your time there and you will find that life slows down and becomes more manageable, one step at a time.

Be still.

If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, book one of my free discovery sessions. Let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen. Book here.

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