Restful Spaciousness

I am busy.

I am overwhelmed.

I don’t sleep well.

How often do you hear yourself saying something like that? Or others around you?

For any of those statements, there can be many reasons, of course. We all come to them in slightly different ways. But there is also a commonality.

I call it space.

Life as it evolves in and around us right now puts more and more information and distractions into our environment, resulting in more and more pressure as we try to discern what is important and what is not.

Often the internal overwhelm becomes so intense, that we cannot access anymore what we truly want for ourselves, what we desire, what is in alignment with our personal expression of our beingness.

This is where space comes in.

We need more physical space, more emotional space, more mental space, more spiritual space in order to breathe fully, find our groundedness, our uprightness and make choices that are clear and supportive to our desires for this life.

Without spaciousness, we may live in entanglements that are confusing and possibly destructive. We tend to repeat, repeat and repeat un-supportive patterns and habits until we are exhausted, frustrated and ready to give up on our dreams.

So, let’s create more space for you.

Here are 3 ways you can get started:

1. Sometimes it’s easiest to start with your physical space. Have a look around your home. Check if you can get easily into all the rooms or if there is stuff in the way.

Start with your bedroom. Spend some time de-cluttering there, taking technology out of the room. Only put items in the room that you enjoy and that allow the easiest way to move around. You go to sleep in the energy of that room and wake up in it. How restful and spacious can you make it?

2. Then pay attention to yourself. When you feel reactive and overwhelmed, often the main reason is that your energetic boundary is too close to your physical body. Imagine that you are in a clear, elastic bubble that extends 1-2 feet out from your body with you in the center of it. It is interactive, but for simplicity’s sake, imagine that all other life, people and events are outside of it. (Deep breath in)

Into that sacred space you can bring all of your gifts, your desires and your intentions. It allows you to access all of yourself and add it into every interaction, not just certain aspects. And we thrive on wholeness, on being in alignment with all of who we are.

3. The third way to create more space is to look at your schedule. Always book your schedule starting with your own needs and desires. Book in quiet time, exercise, family time, date night and then move into your work schedule.

An option I want you to pay attention to is to schedule 1 day and 2 half days a month that are just free space. NOTHING specific gets scheduled. It’s your time and you only spontaneously decide what enjoyable supportive activities you will do that day or perhaps the evening before. Anything is allowed that is not outcome driven or on your to-do-list: from a nap to reading, watching the clouds, experimenting with a new recipe, hiking or exploring your city.

Notice what happens when you just even consider having that time – for you! Deeper breath? A sense of relief?

There are many ways of bringing spaciousness into your day. Small 5 minute breaks are great as well: breathing consciously, stretching, getting fresh air, observing birds and flowers, playing with your children and animals.

All of the practices above allow you to create more space:

  • in your body through the breath,
  • in your mind by slowing down our rapid thoughts,
  • in your emotions by actually letting you notice what you are feeling,
  • in your spirituality by connecting to nature and life around you and
  • in your physical space by creating an environment that brings more ease and simplicity into your everyday experience.

Now pause and notice: as you were reading, at what point did you notice a sigh of relief or were thinking or imagining how nice it would be to experience that?

Pick that practice and incorporate it into your life for a month.

Then add more.




There is space for all of you!

There is space for all of us!


Let us know below in your comments what you discovered.

If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen.

Amara’s Musings: Creating Spaciousness - Inside and Out

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