A Time to Dream


Be still.

Sense the quiet,

The containment,

The possibility.

Imagine a seed lying in the soil during winter. It’s whole and complete and full of potential, waiting for the right conditions to appear, so it can begin its journey.

We’re much the same. We’re whole and filled with amazing potential. All of it is available to us to connect to and express. However, we usually carry a few layers of emotional and mental baggage that prevent us from really knowing and understanding the vastness of our possibilities.

Nevertheless, we can dream anytime and that’s really one of the starting points of self-expression.

During the winter months, the life energy around us is calmer and invites us to have a more inward focus. We feel drawn to quiet activities and may often want to just sit tucked into a cozy chair with a book or stare out the window and daydream.

I like to compare dreaming to sitting with life’s gardening catalogue and turning the pages for inspiration and ‘uhhs’ and ‘ahhs’. Thinking about what’s possible to have, be and do. Some dreams may be small or quite involved and anywhere between – they come in any size. It’s important to allow yourself to play with options, to imagine what is possible, to stay open and be inspired without needing to commit. Dreams need a time of gestation, where we look at them from all angles.

Next step is to connect with your dream emotionally:

“ What do I want? How would my life, my experience be different if I make this imagination happen?”

Your desire creates the fuel to move into the next step, which is taking action. If the desire is not strong enough, there isn’t enough motivation to persist through the challenges that will invariably arise.

So, once you’ve picked your dream and created an emotional connection to it, you’ve a choice:

Do you want to take action or not?

If you don’t take action, you’ve to let go of the dream. Otherwise the dream will stay in your imagination, rotating around in your mind without being expressed and eventually leading to frustration, disappointment and self-criticism. Contrary to some spiritual teachings, affirmations and wishful thinking will not make the dream happen.

We realize our dreams through our action.

When we do take action, we allow ourselves to move into the natural flow of life that’s filled with possibilities, coincidences and miracles. Anything becomes possible when we move. It does not matter how big or small the steps are, just that we are taking them.

Dreams are gifts that ask for active participation in order to move them out of the thinking and feeling world into a physical reality.

Are you willing to claim yours?


Let us know in your comments about one of your dreams, so we can witness it and send you our support.

If you’ve dreams that still elude you after putting time and effort into bringing them into reality, go ahead and book a free 30 min Discovery session with me. Let’s have a conversation about how I can help you put the pieces into alignment.

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