Sorting Yourself Out!


Who are you today? Who would you like to be? Is there a difference??

So often we share with others how we would prefer a different way of being or living. We may feel stuck or get irritated by some of our experiences, we feel tired and bored. We are uninspired and know deep down that we are not living our full potential.

We exist in an interconnected web of energy pattern. From the moment we are conceived, our own personal energy patterns are affected by the patterns of our physical environment and other people.

We create beliefs and habits from our interaction with our family, friends, schooling and the societal, religious and political conventions of our culture and country. So much information is informing and molding our perception of life, our values and moral code.
And most of it is unconscious.

So, as you go through life, you are presented with ongoing opportunities to check in and sort out which behaviors, beliefs and habits are truly reflecting who you are in this moment. Some of them may still be serving you and other ones are ready to let go.

It is much like cleaning out your closet. It can be messy in there, overflowing, you may be unable to find what you want, you may have lots of stuff, but end up wearing the same few outfits, or it feels like a burden just opening a drawer or door. So, you start sorting just one shelf or drawer or section. Ask yourself: “Is this me, right now or is this me in the past?”

It is the same when you look at your life in general. You may say that you want things to be different, however, for most people, that is where it ends: a sharing of ideas, dreams and intentions. Unless you start paying attention to your challenges, connect to your feelings and start asking questions and act on the answers, nothing changes.

In life, we experience the continuous pull between where we are at, wanting to maintain the comfort, familiarity and sense of security of that place and the expansion towards our future: a place that is unknown, insecure and uncontrollable.

Our thoughts want us to hold on to our known world, while our hearts know that ongoing movement will bring us to our freedom, peace and joy. However, only too often do we get stuck between the two and lose perspective of who we truly are and what is possible for us.

So, when you get irritated, feel stuck, are tired and uninspired, take a moment to check in. Is there a fear that you have not dealt with, a boundary you have not established? Are you feeling anger, anxiety, guilt, shame or sadness? Once you notice your feelings, it is time to dig deeper. You can start putting your attention on the feeling or issue, you can ask questions and you can play with opposing beliefs. Whatever techniques you are using, the goal is to stretch your usual perception, give it more space. What if there is no right or wrong, only your idea of it, and it is ok to let that go?

Once you have created a bit more wiggle room, you open the door to integration. When you are integrating an issue, belief or pattern, you create more spaciousness around you. Your true Self can come forward more readily and is not hidden behind that aspect of you that reacts automatically to life’s challenges.

Sorting yourself out allows you to connect more deeply with the sense of freedom, curiosity and joy that naturally happens when you are allowing more of your true nature to come forward. Dissatisfaction keeps you stuck in the same loop of thoughts and emotions. The only way to get out of it is to re-establish a flow and sense of movement.

If you truly want a change in your way of being or living, you have to be willing to actually DO something about it: You have to take an action that is different than what you have done before. A physical action in the direction of where you want to go and be creates momentum and possibility.

So, smile and keep moving in new ways and directions!! Baby steps count!! : ))

Amara’s Musings: Creating Spaciousness - Inside and Out

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