Stretching Into Life

Spring has a special quality to it. You can feel something shifting and moving inside – unseen and yet powerful. You are moving out of the inward focus of winter and paying attention again to what is around you. Just like dormant seeds in the garden waking up and stretching out to reach the sunlight.

So, what are you reaching out to?

We all occupy a certain energetic frequency and often we get stuck there. It is like we are playing a certain bandwidth on the radio and staying with the same station. There is a sense of familiarity with the announcers, the advertising, and the type and sequence of songs played. However, after a while, we stop really hearing the messages and the music and they just become a background noise. We get bored and feel uninspired and stuck. We long for something, but may not even know what that is or how to possibly fulfill that yearning.

Life is like that.

When we are children, we are open to everything. All is new and interesting, and we get pulled from one exploration to the next. Our evolutionary impulses are unrestrained, and we will practice and practice until we can walk and talk and consciously interact with our physical environment and the people in it. As it happens, these interactions will eventually put a lid on these natural impulses. Endless “no”s, family patterns, social and religious convention and education all conspire to move us in a certain direction that is acceptable within the context of where we live and work.

So over time, we narrow down our bandwidth and play much smaller than our potential. At some point, usually after challenging events in our lives, we will all have the opportunity to wake up to that and to begin consciously reclaiming what is ours. The choice is always there, but most of the time we do not see it.

Consider where in life are you open to stretching, to exploring? What seeds are still dormant in you that haven’t been given a chance to wake up yet? Are you open to do something new and see what happens?

If you plant a garden with perennials once, the same basic pattern will emerge year after year. Some plants may overgrow, dominate, multiply, but the basic pattern remains unchanged. Adding even one new plant every year will change the context, will change the focus, offer a new perspective and a different enjoyment of the whole.

I am inviting you to play this month and increase your bandwidth. Add something new to your life. Notice your resistance to change and pick something small to start with. Add a new plant to your flowerbed. Eat in a different restaurant. Take a class. Add 5 minutes of quiet reflection time. Turn off the TV for a week and read or talk to family or friends. Start a game night. Explore a different part of your town/city.

The possibilities are endless. You know what feels good for you. Trust it! Stretch yourself and feel the sun warming your face and encouraging you on!

Ahhhhhh, life is good!

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