Resistance is Futile

The other morning I was sitting quietly, allowing myself some “me” time when all of a sudden the phrase “Resistance is futile” popped into my head. I had to laugh!

I remember when this sentence became popular as a result of appearing regularly in the Star Track series. Of course, in that context, it became an invitation to Captain Kirk and his team to outwit the opposition!

So, how did it all of a sudden make an appearance in my head? I had been looking at some work related decisions and was waffling about some changes that needed to be implemented.

I was definitely resisting making those changes. I was holding on to my old, comfortable thinking and doing. Even though the old way was not productive anymore, my mind was coming up with endless justifications that later was better than now.

Sounds familiar?

When you feel resistance internally, regarding implementing a path or a goal you have set for yourself, it becomes a perfect opportunity to explore a little more deeply. What are you afraid of? What are you holding on to?

Usually the resistance stems from fear of change. When something new is in store for you, you do not know what will happen and often go through lots of “what ifs” and justifications for maintaining the status quo. It is just so much more comfortable to stay with what is familiar, even if it is not that great.

You get attached to people, to things, to opinions and your daily routines. Therefore, you may feel anxious about having to go through all kinds of trials and tribulations until you find some new harmony with the changes. So, you hold on! However, there is a price to pay!

We are evolutionary beings, meaning that growth and change are our natural states of being. So, when you encounter resistance to your moving forward, which may be as simple as changing your perspective on an idea, you can think of it as an elastic band. If you do not keep up with the changes in life, the elastic gets stretched and eventually either breaks or, if you finally do let go, it snaps back. Both versions are painful!

It takes courage and active commitment to overcome your inner resistances. There is a transition point of surrendering, of letting go of the control and feeling vulnerable and exposed. Moving through a place of not knowing can be scary!

However, if you want to be in charge of your life, you have to allow yourself to spend as much time as possible being in the flow of it. If you have ever tried standing in a river, you know that it requires enormous amounts of energy to remain upright and not be toppled over. You are in that moment resisting what is natural: floating down the river, on your back, eyes on what is ahead. Standing in the water will cause life opportunities and helpful people to just rush by with no chance for you to grab a hold of them. When you are floating, you can connect and travel together, at least for a period of time.

So, next time your mind starts holding you back, remind it of the pain of the elastic band and how lovely it feels to float down the river. Feel free to shout out:“Resistance is futile!”

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