Space Explorers Wanted

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Space – the final frontier…

Remember this little phrase from the Star Trek series?

When I watched some of the re-runs many years ago, I loved the creativity of considering what could be “out there” and the potential for stretching my preconceived ideas. In the end, though, it was all created within a safe container of manageable fear and happy endings. Which, over time, wasn’t really that exciting!

Over the last few years, I’ve noticed that while it’s fun to consider and play with what may be ‘out there’, the real challenge lies in exploring our inner space. There’s a lot going on there that’s uncharted territory and remains in the dark. From time to time, I bring out my trusty flashlight and go spelunking.

How about you? Are you curious and keen to discover what lies within or is it boring or scary and you rather let sleeping dogs lie?

Your inner space has different aspects to it and is mostly unconscious, until you put your attention on them.

Some are definitely more difficult to access. One of them is what Carl Jung has named our shadow side. They include light shadows (positive aspects) and dark shadows (negative aspects). These are attributes we find challenging to accept in ourselves and keep hiding from the world. Examples may be: I am deceitful or pushy or I am beautiful or smart. If you cringe in your body in saying it out loud to another person, it’s a shadow.

Other aspects are easier to connect with and include your body sensations, your feelings, thoughts and images. In order to access that information, you have to be still and focus your attention so you can notice.

Most of the time, the demands and challenges of life prevent you from getting to that still point. There are so many emails, obligations, people interactions and deadlines to manage. There are endless to-do-lists and fears to confront.

The distractions that keep you from listening to yourself are endless!!

And the bad news is that not paying attention to your inner space creates stress, overload, fatigue and exhaustion.

Your inner space is actually filled with valuable information that’s totally free and supports you in creating a more peaceful, balanced and fulfilling life.

You access your inner space simply by closing your eyes and taking a few deep breaths.

Connect with your body and notice what is going on.

Become aware of your feelings.

Notice your thoughts, ideas, images and words.

Allow yourself to sit in that inner spaciousness without judgment and be open to curiosity and exploration. If you want, ask a question and just let it float.

In that simple and powerful state, new connections are made in your brain, and different points of view come into focus.

You can access your inner wisdom and creativity and create a unique and supportive vision for your life. This in turn allows you to make conscious decisions that are in alignment with your vision, rather than being in a reactive mode.

It offers regeneration and relaxation.

Truly, what’s not to love about your inner space?

So, go ahead, be bold and explore. Create little moments of stillness every day. Notice. Smile.

You will be amazed at what you find.


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