Living in Wonderland








I love those words.

They put me back into this childlike place where my senses are all awake and at attention. I feel open in my heart and mind. I’m on an adventure of discovery and am curious.

I’ve noticed that when life gets busy, it’s so much more challenging to notice the wonders around me. Do you feel the same?

Sometimes, when I’m out on a walk, more relaxed and connected to the earth and life around me, I wake up again, often even with a jolt. I see the landscape, a particular tree or flower and, for a moment, the beauty of it takes my breath away. How can it be so perfect in its composition, feel, coloring, smell? The heart opens, a smile arises, and I stop to pause, so I can take the wonder in, breathe it into my body, make it part of my being.

What happens to you when you are in that state of wonder? Take a moment and connect with that awareness in your imagination.

This month, I invite you to commit to a regular practice. It’s summer time, so hopefully there’s a bit more time available for play and exploration. If possible, every day for the next 30 days, or as often as you remember (sticky note on the bathroom mirror?), pick something physical in your environment to pay attention to.

This can be anything: an aspect of nature like plants, rocks, water or items in your home: furniture, a book, food or a part of your body: your hands, feet or your knee. It does not really matter what it is. Just choose one physical object every day.

Allow yourself to sit quietly and observe your item without judgment. Look at it like you have never really seen it before. From this place of openness, connect with the energy of your chosen item. Let yourself sink into your breath, your presence and a state of relaxation. What do you notice?

Be open to a State of Wonder.

If you enjoy writing, take the time to jot down a paragraph about your insights and/or feelings. Notice what you become aware of when writing. Often it allows you to go a bit deeper and brings the perception from a sensory experience into a physical reality.

After a few days of regular practice, you’ll start to experience a shift in your focus. Instead of noticing all the challenges in your life, you may first notice wonder all around you.

Wouldn’t that be a welcome change?

A free ticket to living in Wonderland!


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1 thought on “Living in Wonderland”

  1. What a “wonderful” blog! I love your suggestion! I will definitely follow it 🙂
    “Be open to a State of Wonder.”
    Yes! I will! Thank YOU so much for your inspiring blog!

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