Wise Woman's Compass™

Is this what is playing out in your life right now?

  • Are you feeling anxious that time is passing by and you are not accomplishing what you want?
  • Are you frustrated with your health, your relationships and your level of abundance?
  • Are you feeling stuck, tired and overwhelmed with all the demands that life places on you?

If you can relate, keep reading...

I have something ancient and magical to share with you.

You may already know that I work with women who have been on a spiritual path for sometime and while they feel that their lives are pretty good and they have been able to manifest a lot of wonderful things in their lives, they still feel that there is something missing.

  • They have come up against the same life challenges again and again and are feeling anxious that time is passing by without them accomplishing what they want to.
  • They are frustrated that they are not creating the health, the relationships and the income they feel they deserve.
  • They feel stuck, frustrated and overwhelmed and at the same time, they are ready and willing to create a different experience for themselves.
  • They want more and sometimes are not even sure if they can name what that is.

My question to you is:

Do you have a compass in your life that guides you through YOUR life journey or does much of your life seem to evolve in a more haphazard way as you put out the daily fires, deal with the emergencies and then feel too exhausted to act on your dreams and desires?

15 years ago, I discovered my personal compass, and I have been on a special journey, an internal Walkabout, since then. This compass is unique, it’s practical and it’s spiritual. It touches all aspects of your life, and offers renewal, expansion and inspiration.

I want to take you on a journey to discover and connect with your own personal compass.

Just IMAGINE how your life would be different if …

  • You had more clarity, so you can put your attention and focus on what is important to you and take actions that lead into the direction of your dreams and desires?
  • You could manage your stress and overwhelm and had more energy, more joy and vitality allowing you more quality time for yourself and your family and to do what you love to do
  • You could feel more grounded and open in your body to receive abundance in aspects of your life? This would allow you to feel seen, heard and able to communicate your value , so you can have the impact and income you desire and deserve.

You may already have different pieces in place, but you need some to help to pull it all together and into alignment.

From my own experience I know that I have had the greatest breakthroughs in my life with the help of mentors and coaches who offered their support and held a vision for me that was larger than what I could hold for myself.

The Wise Woman’s Compass is a transformational journey that reconnects you with all aspects of your life.

It is unique and personal. It allows you to release patterns and habits that do not serve anymore and offers new perspectives and new choices.

You learn to access and trust your inner wisdom and take action from that place.

Wise Woman’s Compass works with a holistic approach: addressing body, mind and spirit as well as your physical and energetic environment to allow deep, lasting transformation. It is a comprehensive 9 months exploration into some age-old secrets and revelations, not a quick fix. Throughout this time you have my personal attention and support.

I invite you to take a moment and check in with your heart’s intuition and body’s wisdom to discover if you are ready and willing to take the next step on your journey into deepening your relationship with yourself and others, live an abundant life and wake up excited about what the day will bring.

What is waiting for you to be discovered, explored and integrated?

What are you willing to let go?

Are you ready to be present to the magic and mystery naturally occurring in your life?

I would love to have you on board!

Wise Woman’s Compass Program

Wise Woman’s Compass is a spiritual journey that leads you through the magical, life affirming aspects of the Bagua.

The Bagua, or compass in Feng Shui, is an ancient, energetic system, which is immensely practical and contains all aspects of life. It’s universal and yet deeply personal.

Here is an opportunity to:

  • discover and re-discover
  • experience and confront
  • relax into and implement

I have combined the wisdom and potency of this compass with empowering practices to make it relevant, applicable and practical for the time we live in. 

Through the interaction with this framework you are able to create your own Wisdom Compass™.

You can do so from the comfort of your home or, if you live in Calgary, in the comfort of my home.

It’s a personal exploration and adventure. I provide the guideposts and you bring yourself, your life, your experiences into the mystery.

This journey will be different for each person, therefore I invite you to have a conversation with me where we go over your challenges and explore what will most support you as you move towards a more aligned and congruent version of yourself.