Clearing Your Home

Do you want to feel welcomed in your home, able to relax and recharge your batteries and greet each day with energy and clarity to move forward with your life?

My sense is that you want to answer that question with a resounding “yes”, but it may not be what is actually happening.

You may not feel that your home is truly your peaceful, safe haven. An initial feeling of relaxation may have turned into lethargy or you may have a difficult time getting things done. There may be clutter. Or, conversely, you may feel hyper and cannot settle. Either way, you may find it challenging to be productive while at the same time getting enough rest to be able to do what needs to get done without using your will all the time.

energy clearing in your home

Energetic patterns from the earth, people and EMF come together to create a unique personality for your home that may stop you from experiencing the life you desire.

When we are not aware of the possibility that it could have anything to do with energetic patterns in the space, we tend to blame circumstances, other people and ourselves for what’s happening or missing from our lives.

The good news is that these energy patterns can be shifted and thereby change your life experience. You can start fresh, so to speak. Your home will feel brighter, more spacious and ready to support you in your endeavors.

How do you know you are ready for a house clearing?

  • Just moved into a new place (perfect time to neutralize the energetic patterns of previous owners/tenants)
  • Not feeling settled or “at home” in your space
  • Wanting to shift something important in your life
  • Feeling low energy, not getting things done
  • Clutter
  • Feeling restless and inattentive
  • Wanting to sell your home (opening up the energetic patterns to attract a larger audience of people wanting to purchase your home).
clearing with amara

Here is how you can work with me:

We can work together in person (if you live in or close to Calgary) or via Zoom.

If we work together on Zoom, I require a floor plan of the space (can be hand drawn) with the main furniture, doors and windows. You can take a photo of it and send it to me. Once I have that information, I work with the plan on my own.

Then we’ll spend time together on Zoom to walk through your space and address your challenges. Once I get an idea of your situation, I’ll be able to help you create solutions. You’ll be actively involved in the process and can apply your new-found knowledge to everyday living.

I will add in some practical Feng Shui principles to ensure that you can move forward in your desired direction with more efficiency and ease.

A Home Clearing Session includes one follow-up call of up to 30 min. duration.

Pricing depends on size of home.

Ready to get started?

 Send me an email to connect and set up a conversation to see if we are a fit to work together.