Clearing Your Office and Business

Do you want to be effective and efficient in your work, able to attract clients and impact the world with your service or products?

Of course, many factors contribute to our ability to work in a fulfilling way and run a business that is profitable and meaningful.

However, there is an aspect that is often overlooked and that is the quality of our energetic environment. While it is not quantifiable, it does have a significant impact on our lived experience.

We have all walked into a place and wanted to immediately leave because it didn’t feel good.

We all know of businesses, like restaurants, that turn over every year or two while others stay for decades.

clearing the energy in your office and business

Why is that?

My experience has taught me that energetic patterns from the environment may interfere with your full expression and potential and hold you back. Most of the time you’re not aware that it could have anything to do with the space, so you blame circumstances, other people and yourself for what’s going on with you and your work.

Usually, the outcome may look like this:

  • You are working harder, but are not necessarily more efficient and productive
  • You feel more stressed, unable to keep your focus and clarity on your next step
  • You are unable to attract the right client or customer and/or retain them
  • Your bottom line is not where you want it to be

Working together, we can shift the patterns underlying your office or place of business and create a sense of spaciousness that allows you to be more relaxed, creative and focused, that is inviting to your clients (online or in a physical setting) and that allows you to increase your impact and income.


clearing with amara

Here is how you can work with me:

We can work together in person (if you live in or close to Calgary) or via Zoom.

If we work together on Zoom, I require a floor plan of the space (can be hand drawn) with the main furniture, doors and windows. You can take a photo of it and send it to me. Once I have that information, I work with the plan on my own.

Then we’ll spend time together on Zoom to walk through your space and address your challenges. Once I get an idea of your situation, I’ll be able to help you create solutions. You’ll be actively involved in the process and can apply your new-found knowledge to everyday living.

I will add in some practical Feng Shui principles to ensure that you can move forward in your desired direction with more efficiency and ease.

Pricing is dependent on size of physical space and the parameters we decide to work with.

Ready to get started?

 Send me an email to connect and set up a conversation to see if we are a fit to work together.