Attention Givers Unite!


Are you paying attention?

What to?

So many aspects of our day are habitual and in order to have some efficiency and get things done, that’s a good thing. However, by definition, habits are unconscious. We have repeated them often enough to put them on the automated train track of our life.

The original intent of the habit easily becomes fuzzy. We stop questioning why we do something. We stop noticing how and when we do something.

As time goes by, you may have forgotten about asking the important questions: Is the habitual activity supporting and nourishing you? Does it bore you? Is it actually detrimental to your wellbeing?

This unawareness extends into your environment as well.

You stop noticing what is all around you, especially in your home and perhaps even in your neighbourhood.

From time to time it’s good to shake things up and look with fresh eyes, to re-establish a conscious connection to things you tend to forget about. Conscious thought and activity puts you back into the present moment. It’s in the present moment that your connection to your life force is the strongest and most nourishing.

This week I invite you to pay attention to your environment in a different way. Often that is an easier place to start than your personal life. Pick up your camera and for several days in a row, take a photo of an inanimate object in your home as well as a picture of something in nature.

Just one of each.

Shift your focus. What is drawing your attention? Be curious.





Take your time. Allow. Be open.

Warning: if done properly, this practice may shift your breath, open your heart space, increase your ability to focus and cause moments of joy that put a smile on your face.

Are you ready for it?


Let us know below in your comments what you discovered.

If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen.

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