Reveal the Gift!

You are a gift.

Can you own that?

As part of the experience of living in our 3D reality on earth, your bright and sparkly soul essence agreed to get gift wrapped to create diversity and interest, to create a physical presence and manifest your learning experiences.

This wrapping is also known as your personality. Layers are created by mind set, beliefs and habits. Guilt, shame and unresolved issues add more, so we end up with packaging that has some weight and heft to it, allowing us to claim some real estate in this world, to be seen as a part of this world.

This packaging becomes more solid as you mature into adulthood and often you may not even be very aware of what it looks like from the outside. You are used to it, familiar with it and may even experience a sense of comfort and safety.

So, what did you create?

Do you make your package pretty, with matching bows?

Is it creative, wild and outrageous?

Does it reflect minimalism?

Is it conservative, serious or fun?

Have you chosen cellophane, allowing a peek?

Or are you all layered up and the shape and size is misleading, so it becomes difficult to guess what is inside?

So many options and possibilities!

Now, the real question is: How willing are you to look inside and let others have a peek as well?

So often we don’t even know ourselves the treasure and gift that we are, the layers of wrapping are that thick. We may not want to look out of fear that we come up against something we judge as not good or re-awaken memories that are hurtful.

But what if …what if you could believe that underneath all the wrapping you carry the most beautiful gift: your own unique light, your essence and life spark.

Would it make you curious to look a bit more closely?

Would you willingly unwrap an aspect of yourself that you have been hiding and share a story, a desire or a memory?

Would you allow yourself to let go and not hold on so tightly?

And just as importantly, would you look beyond the wrapping of others and see the gift of them? Acknowledge their soul’s courage in taking on their particular human expression?

This year, make gift giving easy!

Take off the wrapping and let your inner sparkle and brightness offer compassion and care, acceptance and appreciation, peace and joy.

Notice how it nourishes you and others.



Let us know below in your comments what you discovered.

If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen.



Amara’s Musings: Creating Spaciousness - Inside and Out

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