I have been working on my new Wise Woman’s Compass™ program, and it involves taking something old, injecting it with something new and seeing what insights and ideas come out of that. This is fun for me. I love creating and experiencing new perspectives – probably one of the great side effects of doing a lot of Energy Clearing work.

Recently, Google was honoring John Venn’s 180th birthday. He was an English logician and philosopher who created the Venn diagram. The diagram describes the relationship between 2 or more groups. Circles are used to represent each group and overlaps of the circle illustrate the relationship they have to each other. You may have animals in one circle and water in the other. The overlap would be animals that live in the water.

Looking at the relationship between 2 or more groups is one way to clarify and create a new perspective. However, there is also a limitation in this as the overlap is already inherent in the content of each circle.

Another way to expand your perspective is to take 2or 3 items and notice what happens when you combine them. It is much like cooking, actually. You can look at the ingredients of a recipe and taste them separately or you can put them in the pot, stir and watch the transformation happen. Something completely different is created that you could not necessarily anticipate until you completed the process.
This is where I get inspired and have the most fun. Here is an awesome practice for that:

Think about a couple of activities you love and see if you could create a job out of them:

  • Reading and sitting in the hot tub
  • Meditating and hiking
  • Knitting and cooking
  • Biking and traveling

Anything coming to mind? Do you notice how your thoughts are getting busy playing with new ideas?

It is even more fun when you take 3 items!

This is a great game to play at a party. On separate bits of paper everyone writes down 10 items they love to do. Then you turn the papers upside down and keep them in a little pile in front of yourself. When it is your turn, you pick 2 or 3 activities and the rest of the group has to come up with a new job possibility that could actually earn some money.

Perhaps you come up with a Million Dollar Idea!!!!

If so, feel free to share!

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