Are You Listening?

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It’s a noisy world.

Often too much for me.

How about you?


I remember that I used to listen to the radio all the time when I was driving my car and then, one day, it was just too much. I needed more quiet time, not more activation.

These days, we are surrounded by beeping and chirping noises, musical alarms and notifications from our phones. It’s noise pollution in the purest sense. It’s distracting. Everything blends together and creates a noisy environment. It becomes more difficult to stay focused on a conversation, an errand or even work.

We all have different levels of sensitivity to noises, to sounds. Lots of people have music in the background wherever they are. Is it conscious enjoyment, simply a habit or is there also an element of reassurance playing out? For some the quiet is too much. I remember when my mother got older, she turned on the TV, not to watch, but to have voices in the house, to not feel so alone.

Are you clearly falling into one group or another? Quiet versus noisy? Or are you somewhere in between?

What role does music play in your life?

Are your choices of ‘when, what and how loud’ conscious or habitual?

I know, I am always a bit shocked when I sit in a concert hall and listen to the orchestra playing. In that moment, I feel so present to the music and am open to listen, to receive and enjoy. I am deeply affected, feel expanded and feel activated in my body and emotions. Every time I go, I wonder why I am not listening to that kind of music more often. It’s clear that the environment has a great role to play in allowing me to have that experience. At home there is distraction, less focus and less patience to sit still and be fully available.

This month I invite you to create some conscious sound and music experiences for yourself.

Every few days, pick one song, put on your headphones and really listen. Notice the different instruments. Follow the voice. Bathe in it. Let sound wash through you and allow yourself to be affected.

Try out different genres: instrumental, vocal, classical and modern. Try something new.Listen to an old favourite.

Most of all:

Let yourself be nourished by sound.


Let me know in your comments below how this topic resonates with you.

If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen. Go here to book a free 30-Minute Discovery Call with me.

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4 thoughts on “Are You Listening?”

  1. Lately the humpback whales have been migrating past our little cabin. Last night they went by in the dark. Instead of running down to the waters edge with my camera and binoculars, as I do when it’s daytime, I stood on the deck and listened. The sound of their blowing was sheer magic. I couldn’t see when they broke the surface of the water and anticipate the sound. I could only wait (and try to keep my bare feet warm on the deck while I stood in the rain in my pajamas!). This week I have listened to nothing while I’m in the house as I don’t want to miss them going by. It’s been blissful. I’m surprised by this as I usually love to listen to documentaries and music while I cook etc. The whales are teaching me ?

    1. My heart just melted… thank you for your sweet sharing. BTW, I’m listening to my cat right now, telling me BIG stories about her day in these warm winter days we’re experiencing lately.
      2 ears – 1 mouth = listening twice as often as we speak

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