Are You On Mute?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you urgently wanted to share something and nobody paid attention?

How did you feel? Frustrated, powerless, anxious, angry, depressed?

Here you have an important question to ask or a great idea to contribute, a joke to share, and it all falls flat, because nobody is paying attention to you.

Just as if the phone line you were on was muted.

In your mind you anxiously try to figure out how to connect: Wasn’t there a special code to un-mute yourself??? Where is it? Will I access it in time to be part of this conversation? It is upsetting, to say the least.

Actually, there are lots of places in life where you may feel that sense of disconnection at some point or another.

You may experience a disconnect in relation to

  • Your body

Are you paying attention to what kind of food and exercise nourishes you, the type of rest you need?

  • Your mind

Do you notice which aspects of your life run on automatic and may not be of service any longer?

  • Your spirit

Are you mostly listening to other people’s input instead of trusting your own inner wisdom?

  • Your environment

Do you take the time to notice how you feel in your physical space, knowing that your ability to be productive, to sleep well and be energized may have nothing to do with your mindset?

  • Feeling seen by others

Are you feeling seen and acknowledged in your life or is it very much dependent on the people you are with?

We continuously move between feeling connected and disconnected in all areas of life. Connection is not a constant and it is good to keep in mind that disconnection is a moving state as well. Sometimes it may feel that we are so deep into the disconnection that there is no hope of getting out, or it takes too much energy to change.

The good news is that there is an un-mute button.

It is all about creating more personal presence and consciously checking into your body and environment.

 It’s simple and profound, does not cost anything and can be applied in short periods of time. (My kind of button!)

Connect right here:

Stand or sit down in a quiet place and close your eyes. If you are standing, have your feet shoulder width apart and soften your knees. Put your attention on your breath, allowing yourself a few, relaxed breaths in and out.

Put your focus on your energetic center in your pelvis, the Lower Dantien or Hara (about 2 thumb widths behind and 3 thumb widths below your navel) From there, let energy flow through your legs 10-12 feet into the earth and then reverse the flow back to the energy center. You are circulating the energy between the Lower Dantien and the earth, feeling your hips and legs becoming more heavy and grounded.

Now check into your body, paying attention to arms, legs, trunk and head, notice where the body feels open and receptive, where it feels closed, painful or tight. Allow it to be what it is, just notice.

Then put your attention on how you are feeling. Again, no judgment, just becoming aware.

Next notice your energetic field around your own body. It may be big or small, have colors, sensations. Allow it to be however it presents.

Lastly, notice your physical space and how you feel within that. Be open to just observe.

Once you have completed your scan, decide on a question you want a truthful answer to, starting with: ‘Given how I am feeling right now’ and then add the question. Some examples are:

  • Which aspect of myself or my environment needs some attention, some re-connection?
  • What is my next best step?
  • What do I want right now?

Allow yourself some time to bring the question into your energetic center and have the answer rise up into your consciousness from there. Stay in the feeling of being grounded and heavy.

Regularly take time to tune into your body.

It strengthens and deepens the connection you have with yourself. Being rooted in your power center, accessing your own truth, and sharing it from that place, increases your personal magnetism. People are drawn to your presence and it becomes so much easier for you to be heard and seen, feel confident in any situation and have the impact you desire.

If you want more practices and information on how to strengthen your personal presence and create a supportive physical and energetic environment that increases your productivity, sign up for a complimentary 30 minute Discovery Session with me right here: . We’ll explore some of your challenges, and I’ll offer you some tips and resources to help you manage that mute button.

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