Keeping it together??

Set of manycolored threads for weaving hanging on the outside of a shop in a street market in the 3840 ms.high Shigatse city-county and prefecture in the Yarlung Tsangpo and Nyang Chu rivers junction. Tibet-China.




Does that describe you?

Do you ever feel you have a thousand threads coming out of your body, and they are being tugged on  all at the same time? You are being stretched in all directions, flattening you out like a pancake?

When this happens to me, I lose my connection to my center, my core, which is my place of strength, resilience, clarity and focus. Instead, I become reactive, trying to put out the fires that are springing up along the edges of my awareness.

Sounds familiar?

One of the reasons for getting into that state is a lack of completion in life.

How many unfinished projects and conversations are lurking in the recesses of YOUR mind and everyday experience?

All these loose ends are clamoring for your attention, swirling around in in your brain, using up valuable energy every minute of your life. It is not surprising that we easily become overloaded and unfocused in our lives.

 In order to know what you want, to replenish your energy and create boundaries, you have to continually be able to connect to your sense of self.

That is not happening at the edges of your awareness, but at the center of your being.

If you are ready to bring more of the completion energy into your life, it is easiest if you address both the embodiment and your mindset.

Practices like focused breathing for a few minutes, tuning into your body, connecting to your internal energy centers, will help to bring you quickly back into a more body-centered state of being. Imagining an energetic boundary around you will support you in being able to stop the energetic outflow. There are beautiful, simple and easy to implement practices for this that I teach in more depth in my Art of Feminine Presence™ work.

To help you with your mindset begin to consider everything you do as a cycle.

If you do not complete a cycle, you create loose ends.

 It can be as simple as making your bed every day. To me, making my bed in the morning signifies that my rest time is over, and I am ready to enter into a new day of activity and exploration. If I don’t do it, which is very rare, I feel distracted and messy in my thinking. It is more difficult to be clear, focused, and get things done.

Other examples are putting your clothes away in the evening or cleaning up the kitchen as you are using it. It applies to home projects and of, course, projects at work.

Interestingly enough, it also refers to our conversations. Many of them are incomplete, and we can feel them swirling through our brain: ‘I should have said this, asked for that, been more assertive, clear or kind.’ We replay the events, sometimes for decades. No wonder, we feel scattered!

There are many reasons for not finishing something: often we want it to be perfect, or run out of time or get distracted. In the conversation it is often about shrinking away from unpleasantness and challenge or spilling over in terms of intensity and amount of content.

How then do you reel in all these loose threads?

 One at a time…

 Actually, I want you to look at three areas to help you make a shift:

1. Body

Decide on one activity that will help you center and be more grounded in your body and do it as often as needed during the day, at least once.

2. Mind:

Decide on one activity this month that you will complete every day, no matter how small or trivial it seems.

3. Conversation:

Decide on a conversation that you are ready to complete. Talk in person, write a letter you can send or not or imagine that person sitting in front of you and share what you need to say to complete. This is mostly an energetic practice: you don’t have to be in physical contact with that person. Start with easier conversations.

Are you ready to pull your life together in a new, and empowering way, so that you have more time and energy for your family and friends, for the activities you love to do and be more focused and valuable at work? Start with the suggestions above and if you want extra help, book a free 30 min Discovery session with me to find out how I can support you on this journey. Click here and scroll down to register.

I’d love to hear about some of the commitments you are ready to make. Please post them, or any comments you have, below.

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