Loose Ends Tied Up Nicely??!

Do you suffer from too many loose ends syndrome?

What is still flapping in the wind in your life – irritating or frustrating you, inducing guilt or even shame?

There has been lots of conversation recently about will power. Studies show that as energetic beings, we seem to get a fresh supply of will power every day and depending on how many decisions we make, we can actually use it up within a particular day, meaning that morning decisions are usually better than evening decisions.

Let me expand on that.

Whenever we decide to either take an action or not take an action, both affect our energetic storage that we have accumulated within our body and persona. We can increase or deplete our storage facilities according to the way we see the world and how we live and interact with it.

While it is easy to understand physical exhaustion and the need for some rest to recover, the same does not necessarily hold true for our busy mind. Even though we can learn to still it, we cannot turn it off!

What puts demands on your mind? Certainly decision-making and planning, and they trigger an avalanche of all the subprograms that activate emotions as well as behaviors in endless feedback loops.

I hear people complain all the time about overwhelm, feeling frazzled and suffering in some form or another from their overactive minds.

One of my observational theories for this phenomenon is the lack of completion that we experience in so many parts of our lives. So much gets started and then disrupted and is left hanging… You remember the conversations that our attention span is now less than that of a goldfish? It’s not quite that simplistic as there are too many factors to bring into the equation, but technological distraction and environmental noise pollution are certainly increasing and have a direct effect on us.

Coming back to the completion question: How many loose ends do you have in your life?

Just know, loose ends are an energetic drain!

Part of your brain remembers all the loose ends and keeps juggling them, bringing them regularly to the forefront, reminding you, nagging you, frustrating you, shaming you etc. Exhausting just to think about! At the same time, it’s interesting, how your mind will try all kinds of tactics to move you towards the satisfying feeling of completion, and so often we override it!

Completion from my perspective is not necessarily always a final outcome, but a state of transition. Once a cycle is being completed energetically, emotionally and physically, it lays the ground work for a new impulse to arise that moves us along in our evolutionary existence.

Any task we pick has a beginning, middle and end. Some people are naturally good starters and completers. Others get off to a running start and then detour towards the next thing before completing. Others have a tough time starting, but once they are on the go, they complete.

Where do you tend to fall in that spectrum? Honestly…

This month, pick an aspect in your life: family, money, relationship, career, health or self-care and give yourself some quiet sit down time to reflect. Have a piece of paper handy to write on. Notice what is incomplete in that part of your life. Some things will be short-term and some longer term to get done.

Just bringing attention and awareness back to what needs to be completed and writing it down will bring more peace and quiet to your mind. Then, when you have your list, you can reflect on each item and decide if you still want to complete it or if it’s now out-dated and you can actively and intentionally remove it from the list.

Deep breath in…. and follow it by a sigh…

Don’t you feel better already?


If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen.

P.S. If you are a keener, once you have COMPLETED (!) one aspect of your life, made it current, so to speak, you can pick another aspect of your life and explore that one.…

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