Encourage Courage

Do you feel courageous?

Courage is all about leaving your comfort zone.

I always imagine my comfort zone as a cozy place with nice overstuffed furniture. It’s warm and sunny in there. I have some great books to read, tea to drink and a soft blanket to cuddle into.

I can live there – no problem!

And sometimes I spend extended periods of time there.

Until I get bored.

You know that feeling?

The little niggle at the back of your mind – first quiet, than louder, difficult to ignore. Extending an invitation to look outside your comfort zone to see what else is going on in the world.

Mmmh, there is lots.

All of a sudden a part of you wakes up: curiosity.

Curiosity can of course be a two-edged sword: I know it has led me down many paths of frustration, disappointment and upset. I also know that it has brought me indescribable richness, fulfillment, excitement and adventure.

So, when we become curious, we have a choice. We can either ignore that impulse and sink back into our comfy and familiar cushions, or decide to follow it and look outside at the world around us. At first it may be a look, then getting up, then opening the door, then stepping out and finally letting go of our known place altogether and exploring a new world around us.

Sometimes, I have been known to not take all those little steps, but seen running out the door and jumping into the deep water, spluttering and thrashing, a little over my head, but exhilarated and alive.

Sounds familiar?

Courage is inherent in life. In children, we call it “natural development’. I have never heard a 1-year old child’s practice of learning to walk described as courageous. But really, it is: how many adults do you know who are willing to get up a thousand times after falling to the ground in order to reach their goal? Disappointment after disappointment and the little children persist. We think it’s normal and don’t give it a second thought.

Then at some point there is a shift: the mind chatter takes priority over the natural curiosity and impulses, and we begin to regulate our behaviour. We weigh the pros and cons. Often that is enough to stop us.

How often has it stopped you?

How often have you said to yourself, I wish I had done this, tried that, gone here, shared that?

In those moments, courage went missing.

So, are you open to have a fresh look at your courage? In those areas in your life where it goes missing most?

What would it take for you to get up and look more closely, to acknowledge your curiosity, to dip not only your toe into the water but go at least knee deep?

Do you need to reach out, talk about it, get some support or have someone hold your hand or come with you?

Give some thought to the times you have felt courageous. Often we have areas in our lives where it’s not an issue. Connect with the feeling consciously, let it settle and expand in your body, and see if you can transfer it to the not so courageous parts of you.

Wanting more and reaching for bigger and better is a natural aspect of our evolution. This means you can suppress it or follow it. You have a choice every time.

Now, check in: what in life is stimulating your curiosity right now?

Go and get it!


Let me know in your comments what you are curious about and feel courageous enough to get at least knee-deep into.

If you find some challenges in connecting to your courage, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen. Go here to book a free 30-Minute Discovery Call with me.

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2 thoughts on “Encourage Courage”

  1. Michelle Wilman

    Courage has become exciting and possible after some personal work. In my early 20-30’s if felt like danger-not courage. Building a supportive self care life style has brought courage, joy and excitement to my life. Thank you for being part of the construction team!

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