Still Point

How do YOU manage that?

Or perhaps a better question would be: DO you manage that?

I have tried many approaches to calming my busy mind and busy life down and to make better choices that are not coming from reactivity. I know that in my day I need little pockets of time to just hang, to daydream and create little spaces that are just for me. Otherwise I became depleted, grumpy and lose my ability to make supportive choices and recognize all the things that are working well in my life.

There are many ways to find those quiet places.

A few years ago I decided to stop putting my attention on spiritual practices that invite me to leave my body. They felt good in the moment, but certainly did not improve my manifesting ability or my perceived quality of life.

Meditating with the approach to try and to calm my thoughts worked to a certain degree, but was not really giving me the results I was looking for either.

What has been working best for me is cultivating my relationship with my body and use that as the foundation for anything I want to create. As a human being, I am experiencing my life through my body. I can feel and notice when my body is open and when and where it contracts. It appears to be the first line of reaction, and yet, so often, I am unaware what it is telling me in the moment.

It’s easy to override the subtle messages from our body: not the right time, should power through, not as important as something else… The mind’s justifications to ignore those body signals are endless.

It may take a bit of courage to commit to deeply connect with your body. It’s never predictable what you might find. There may be surprises – good or bad. You may connect with feelings and memories that you cannot control and that may be uncomfortable or even upsetting.

However your body is like a house, with internal spaces that can be explored and that need maintenance and interaction for life force to flow through it freely.

What is not working in your life that needs light shone on? Where are you afraid to look? What aspect is gathering dust and not moving forward?

A good starting place is to take some time to just sit quietly and notice your body. Putting your attention on your breath will automatically do that.

Do a little check-in with you body by putting your attention sequentially on all body parts. Are they open, flowing, tight, uncomfortable? Notice without needing to fix. What feelings do you become aware of? Be with them – allowing those that do not feel so good.

Once you have connected to your body and feelings, allow yourself to sink into your body. Imagine a space deep within your abdomen: roomy, warm, inviting, safe. A place to rest and relax in.

Keep directing yourself to go deeper into your body, into that space. At some point you will notice everything becoming quiet, suspended as life seems to slow down. Your mind stops chattering.

You are in a still point.

Life is going on around you and at the same time you are connected to your body and yourself: spacious, clear, safe and free.

You are in the present moment that informs the next moment: peaceful and expanded.

Rest in there.

Even a couple of minutes will feel refreshing!

This is a great place to go between activities, when you get stressed and overwhelmed, when clarity is needed.

So, go forth and cultivate that relationship with your body.

Dive deep and reap the benefits!


If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen.

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