A Twist on Giving

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Are you stuck with your gift giving?

We all know by now that receiving is just as important as giving. There is an energetic exchange that needs to take place. Always giving to another empties out the reservoir and in the end creates resentment. Learning to receive gifts, appreciations and attention from another person may be challenging at times but is essential to refill the tank, so to speak.

Now, what happens when you make this giving and receiving more personal, when you take away other people, and it becomes just about yourself?

Can you give to yourself?
Can you receive from yourself?

Of course you can, but are you consciously practicing it?

It can be a bit of a mind-bender, but that also makes it fun, and when you enjoy something, it is much more likely that you will repeat the activity.

Giving to yourself asks for attention and awareness.

What is going on for you in this moment, how do you feel and what is it that you want right now? You need to do a bit of a tune-in to get this information. Keep the wanting question short–term: “What do I want in the next hour or two to feel good or better than I do now?” Make sure it is independent of other people as you cannot control their behavior.

Let’s say you feel like a cup of tea, or want to call a friend or spend 5 minutes outside looking at the sky. Can you gift yourself with those desires during your day?

Will you then allow yourself to make it happen or are you going to do the “later” game or “forget” about it because it actually was not that important??

Easy to do!

But, how would it feel to actually receive that gift? Would it feel twice as good and uplifting because you first of all listened to yourself and secondly, acted on it and delivered?

And here comes a big, resonant: “Yes”!

The better you become at listening to yourself, taking care of yourself and receiving that care consciously, the more you build up your energetic reserves.

This means you have more energy than you need and can gift others with your positive attitude and your sense of presence and joy!

If you don’t believe me, try it out… and let me know in your comments below what you discover!

If you want some extra help around this, book a free 30 min Discovery session with me to find out how I can support you on this journey.

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