Can You Relate?

We are in relationship with everything that is in our internal and external world.

Pretty amazing, really.

However, how much attention do you actually pay to your relationships?

Relationships are not only about people, although that is usually the context we use the word in.

We also are in relationship with our body, with money and our home to name a few.

And, as you know, so many people experience challenges in their health, in their people relationships and in their money story. Most coaching support is offered in these arenas. So, what is going on there?

Take a moment to have a peek for yourself:

What is not working in your life that is painful for you right now?

There may be more than one thing, but, for now, pick on one and decide what broad category it falls under: people relationships, career, money, health or home environment.

Then be honest with yourself, and notice if you have a relationship at all with that aspect of life.

Are you avoiding it, are neglectful or postponing a deeper, more meaningful interaction?

How would you describe it to yourself? Any characteristic in the dictionary can be applied to define the quality of our relationships: fulfilling, crazy, challenging, appreciative, scary, lasting, upsetting, close and distant, for example.

Are you best buddies?

Are you present and listen?

How often do you initiate contact?

Are you willing to put some work into it, change your perspective and be curious about what is possible?

Or are you scared to look, worried about what you might discover and what that would say about you, what you may have to confront and change in life?

I noticed the other day that my relationship to my bank accounts was very functional and practical. I did not sit with them, feel into them, listen and wait to see what would arise as a thought or idea around my money management. So I decided to create a proper relationship with them. That meant spending some extra time just being present to them, considering how I feel towards them, not judging amounts, but creating a restful place for money to land.

Just that shift in my attention inspired a more joyful attitude towards managing my money, moving it from a have-to and occasional burden into something that can be fun and engaging for me.

I love that!

Wouldn’t you?

So what’s it for you?

Where can you make a small improvement in your relationship to your body, to money, a person you care about or the place you live in?

You don’t need to revamp the whole thing, but put your loving attention on one aspect and see what happens.

Your heart will thank you!


Let me know in your comments below what you are discovering.

If you find some challenges in creating this change in perspective for yourself, let’s have a conversation and explore how I can support you in making this happen.

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