Layers of Gratitude


No matter where you turn, someone recommends it.

So much so, that sometimes the concept may feel a bit overused. When that happens, you may tend to pass it by, even though deep down you know it’s good for you. It can turn your mood, your focus, your attitude on a dime and move you from ‘poor me’ and martyrdom back into being in charge of your life.

It’s a well-known fact that just because we know something in our head, it does not mean we do something about it.

Knowing and taking action are two very different things. Until you do your gratitude practice in some form, the benefits won’t be there.

There are many ways to express gratitude. Most commonly people say it out loud or write a number of statements down every day.

I have a different suggestion:

Create a Gratitude Board.

You know the popular vision boards. You may have done one or a few yourself.

This year you can create something that is more active and involved, all year long.

Get some writing paper and pen to start with.

Now settle in for a bit of quiet reflection time. Think back over the past year and write a list of all the things you are grateful for. Big things and small things. Take stock. Give yourself 10 minutes to capture those treasures.

Then look over the list and pick out 3-5 things that stand out, that make you feel uplifted and put a smile on your face.

Now pick up a poster board and represent those items on it. You can write on the board directly or cut things from a magazine or print something from the computer and glue it on. Your choice. Leave some white spaces between the items.

Place the board in an accessible location. You want to see it a lot.

Now the fun begins!

At least once a week add an item or two you are grateful for. Within a couple of months, your board may be filled up. No more white spaces.

Now you start to layer. The next items go right over top of previous gratitudes. You will obscure them. However, you know that they are there: resting underneath. Providing a foundation for what’s coming.

Your board will shift and change every week, allowing it to feel fresh and current. Nothing boring or repetitive here. Instead you will feel naturally inspired to reflect on what you are grateful for and continue to infuse your board with a visual representation of that gratitude.

Within a short while, you will begin to feel the energetic strength of those layers. There is a sense of solidity and groundedness that translates smoothly into your life, keeping your focus on what is working and what is good.

And we all know: What you focus on, expands….


Ready to give it a try?

Go for it!


Let me know in your comments below what you are discovering.

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