Open To Be Inspired?

P1000861Do you like being inspired?

I certainly do.

It is a bit like being in love. All these extra points lighten up on your DNA, and you feel more present and alert. The world around you just seems a bit brighter and interesting.

Your perceptions go up a notch or two in intensity and there is a sense of aliveness and freshness to everything.

In myself, I notice an inner sense of fullness when I feel inspired: I take deeper breaths, my heart is opening, and there is a deep resonance with what I am experiencing in that moment.

This fullness energizes my body. Often it expresses itself through my voice: “Wow! Beautiful! Love it! Look at this!” etc. and then some body movement is added involuntarily to underscore my words. The intensity will vary, but the process usually remains the same.

When I am inspired, I become more alive, expressive and really feel some urgency to share these good feelings with other, unconsciously wanting them to feel uplifted as well.

How is it for you? What is going on inside when you feel inspired? How do you express yourself?

How and by whom and by what we are inspired by is a completely personal experience. It depends entirely on our own values, preferences and perception. Some may notice it more with regard to people or situations, others more by being in contact with nature, art, music or objects.

Some inspirations are long-term. For me, I have all my life been inspired by my father who created a successful business out of nothing after the war or by the dedication with which my mother pursued her art after raising her family. Those are themes that travel with me through my life and that serve as a measuring stick or point of reflection for my own accomplishments.

Lots of inspiration is short-term, in the moment. Last year I watched the song-writing competition for the Calgary Folk Festival in a local pub and felt completely enlivened by the passion and commitment of the participants. They were vulnerable, sharing their dreams with the public and giving it their best! It was wonderful to be a part of. Looking back, I can still remember how I felt and also notice that I do not think about it much these days.

Some inspirations are quiet. I just read a book by Anthony Doerr, All the Light We Cannot See, and was enthralled by the style of writing, the expressiveness of each word and the seamless weaving together of story lines. It made me want to stay in the richness of the story, and at the same time, I wanted to try my hand in becoming a more accomplished writer. This was a more contemplative process, but rich and fulfilling, nonetheless.

Some inspirations are exuberant. We often see it after speeches and performances when we are happy to acknowledge that we have been touched and enlivened. We give standing ovations, high-5s or begin shouting and move our body with strong, energetic movements. In the moment, we are so filled up that we need to release that feeling of energetically bursting at the seams.

So, it’s a good thing to have lots of inspiration in your life. Allow yourself to notice with fresh eyes. What is inspiring as you wash dishes, drive from A to B, watch your loved ones or go for a walk? And, if it is a person, make sure you let her or him know that they inspired you! It will create smiles all around!

To paraphrase Ram Dass: Live in Inspiration, see it everywhere you look!


P.S Share something that inspired you today as a comment below. I would love to hear from you!


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