Still Point

How do YOU manage that? Or perhaps a better question would be: DO you manage that? I have tried many approaches to calming my busy mind and busy life down and to make better choices that are not coming from reactivity. I know that in my day I need little pockets of time to just

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Do you ever get bored? How do you know you are? Boredom can appear in many guises. Sometimes it’s the same old thoughts chasing around your head. They are firmly entrenched and attached to your personality, Therefore it can seem natural to keep giving them voice, to keep ruminating, even though you have proven to

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Still Point

So much busyness around us. So much distraction. So often it feels like we are carried through life reacting to all the events and challenges as they happen, without much control about the outcome. Are you longing to get off that hamster wheel? When you get caught up in your external busyness, you get pulled

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I have a dream… How often have you heard that line from Martin Luther King’s speech? It’s a powerful statement. It’s powerful and at the same time vulnerable. Sharing your dream means that you not only have clarity around what that dream may be, but also that by speaking it or writing it down, you

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Bath Time!

Bath time! Ahhh! Ducks ready and lined up? Candles lit? Towel warmed? Wine poured? Hmm, that’s a good start. However, today I like you to consider taking a different kind of bath. Something that will not only clean your outside, but also do a little scrubbing on the inside – gently, of course, more Loofah

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Reveal the Gift!

You are a gift. Can you own that? As part of the experience of living in our 3D reality on earth, your bright and sparkly soul essence agreed to get gift wrapped to create diversity and interest, to create a physical presence and manifest your learning experiences. This wrapping is also known as your personality.

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I am Important!

I am important! Can you say that out loud without embarrassment, flinching or a nervous giggle? I was sharing the other day before a group of people how difficult it has been in my life to own that simple statement and not only know it intellectually, but embody it. The knowing of something and the

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Hello, My Body!

How are you? What’s up? That’s a common conversation starter when we meet people. Do you ever consciously apply that to yourself, to your body? So often our attention is on what is going on around us to ensure that we are safe, that we are in the right place, that we know the context

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